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Sankyo Seiki

Sankyo Machine Tools

We are a Japanese Trading company based in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor area.  We have a wide range of products such as microscope, borescope / endoscope, particle counter, mist collector, dust collector, gas detector, oil filter, and many other measuring and environmental solutions.  

Our brands are Mitutoyo, Airy Technology Japan, Riken Keiki, Carton Optical, SPI Engineering, TRUSCO, YHB, Yodogawa Electric, Miracle Boy, Trusco Orange Book and many other more

Sankyo Seiki Co., Ltd. - a long established machinery trading company established in Kyoto is celebrating its 70th anniversary . We are fascinated to make Malaysia as our hub for South-East Asian region, and established our Malaysia subsidiary in October 2016. Started in the city of Kyoto - a city well-known for her strength as traditions and academic, we are expanding our business in measuring equipment, precision machinery, cutting tools, etc., mainly for the manufacturing industry in Malaysia and overseas.

While maintaining our 70 years performance in domestic procurement and sales of high-quality service and products, we wish to build our long term relationship with all manufacturers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia; with the theme of "Solving Manufacturing Issues". Our products are mainly manufactured by Japanese manufacturers, and renowned brands by Europe, USA, and Asian countries manufacturers; and wish to propose to you according to your needs and budget.

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